Ipad Apps

List of Ipad Apps for student use:


 Piano Maestro- Free with "invite" from teacher    


 Ningenius- $2.99 Note Reading



 Flashnote Derby- $4.99 Note Reading


 Bass Cat HD- $4.99 Note Reading    


 Treble Cat HD- $4.99 Note Reading


 Note Works- $4.00 Note Reading    



 Pluto Music: Pluto Plays Music- FREE Note Reading


 DustBuster 2- FREE Keyboard, Note Reading


 Dragon Scales -$4.99 Scales      


 Mr. Potato Head Create and Play- $2.99 Practice


 Rhythm Cat Pro HD- Learn to Read Music-$4.99 Rhythm



 Rhythm Swing- $3.99 Rhythm


 Pro Metronome- Beat with Sound and Light- FREE Metronome


 Classical Kids: Beethoven Lives Upstairs-$3.99 Composers


 Classical Kids: Hallelujah Handel- $3.99 Composers


 Classical Kids: Mozart's Magnificent Voyage- $3.99 Composers


 Classical Kids: Tchaikovsky Discovers America- $3.99 Composers


 Classical Kids: Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery-$3.99 Composers