2020-2021 Musicianship Award Requirements

1) Regular Attendance at Lessons

2) Practice Requirement

5-7 Years: 20 minutes a day/5 days a week.
7+ Years: 30 minutes a day/5 days a week.
Practice records must be signed by a parent to be counted.

3) Perform in

Christmas Recital and Spring Recital and one of the Clavinova Ensembles or Festivals

4) Attend 3 Concerts

Concerts must be high school or higher and one must be a solo piano concert.
Bring program to lessons for documentation.

5) Memorize Music

6 and Younger: 5 pages
7+ Years: 10 pages

6) Complete 24 Flashcards in One Minute + Key Signatures

The key signatures are not included in the one minute timeframe.

7) Perform on 3 Occasions for People Other than Immediate Family

This can include neighbors, grandparent, school, etc.
Recitals are not included.

8) Enrichment Composer

Read an age-appropriate book about a composer and write a report or listen to one of my composer CDs.

9) Complete State Theory Packet

Includes 6 past OMTA State Theory Tests

10) Take the State Theory Test and Score 85% or Higher


11) Participate in at least one of the following

  • OMTA Achievement Auditions (March/May)
  • COMTA Solo and Ensemble Festival (May)
  • Piano Guild (June)

All 11 Requirements

Any 9-10 Requirements
Silver Place Ribbon

Any 7-8 Requirements
Bronze Ribbon