Studio Policies


The year is divided into three sessions, Fall Session, Spring Session, and Summer Session.  Tuition is due the first lesson of each session.  Monthly tuition remains constant regardless of the number of lessons received in any given month.  One month’s notice BEFORE a session is required for termination of lessons. Once a session has begun, students are financially responsible for the entire session.

Missed Lessons

Make-ups will not be given for any reason.  The time scheduled for each student’s lesson is reserved for his or her exclusive use.  Missed lessons will not be carried over into the next session.  A student is welcome to exchange lesson times with another student, however, I must be notified in advance.  If you wish, you may have your name, phone number, and lesson time published on a “lesson swap” list.  All students who choose to be on the swap list will receive a copy and can then rearrange lessons for important and unavoidable conflicts.  (The summer session is the only session in which I will reschedule a lesson- with a Sunday evening notification.)

Book Deposit

All students are required to make a $30.00 Book Deposit at the beginning of the fall session.  A record will be kept of all book expenses and other miscellaneous fees.  When the $30.00 is depleted, an e-mail will be sent to notify the parents and another $30.00 will need to be deposited. 

Summer Session

Students are expected to continue lessons throughout the summer (8 lessons).  If a student chooses not to take lessons in the summer, there will be no guarantee of a fall lesson time.

Preparation Time

Rate of progress is directly correlated with preparation time for lessons.  A minimum of 30 minutes practice, 5 days per week , is expected for 30 minute lessons and 45 minutes practice, 5 days per week, for 45 minute lessons.  Young students (ages 4-6) should aim for 15 minutes practice, 5 days per week.


Prompt attendance at lessons and classes is essential!  Every effort is made in the studio to stay on schedule and ensure that each student receives full lesson time.  Time will not be taken from the following lesson to accommodate late arrivals.  If arriving during another student’s lesson slot, please be courteous and go into the designated waiting area.